Living a BETter life 

So I have just graduated and am now stuck between jobs and living with my parents. Don’t tell me why my life was pretty sweet on my own. After I graduated I quickly became bar manager new my university, I was not ready to leave. With extreme minimal costs and a cheap lifestyle to boot I was having a great time. However the parents started asking questions and I started to agree with them so I came back home. I am about to start looking for a job in my field but I have had nothing to do in the meantime. Queue betting. I did a far amount of it at university and my friend and I were pretty good. We had a system (how many people with addictions say that). However it did work. I went from £10 to £500 through my system then exams and what not happened and I didn’t have enough time to do the system right. That’s where you lose. 

So yes I have started again and I just thought it would be cool recording my progress just to see if it works. Part of me believes that this could be a full time gig if done right. That’s the hard bit. So I will be posting things on this thingy (I have no idea about blogs) to show my progress and maybe put a few tips in there when I myself have found out what I am doing. 

I don’t know how to do this I think I’ll just keep editing it 

Stay tuned. 

Right so this is day three of it. Here are my bets and profit. Bearing in mind I invested £20 initially so we will begin with a profit of -£20. Here we go (there is a lot as I started this over the weekend) I utilised cash out to keep profits. Rule 1 : never win the full amount if only one more action needs to take place. 

   So I will write them here probably after it was just a busy week. 

Monday 11th May 

Genoa vs Torino: £20, over 1.5 goal at 1.35, + £4.00 

Arsenal vs Swansea: £10, Arsenal to win at 1.34,  – £10.00 

Total + £37.09 (Rule 2: never go on what your friend says)

So today was slow to say the least I wanted to hit the 50 profit mark but Rule 2. has hindered that progress. I have such an urge to just whack it on a sure bet but I know from experience that this is never the right option. In the end of the day I’m only – £6.00 down. I will now research for the matches on tomorrow. Disappointed with today. 

Tuesday 12th May

So late last night I did research and put a multiple down. This was out of frustration and would have lost me all my profits if it did not come through. Thankfully as soon as I was in profit I cashed out with a profit of £2. I just wanted to get out of it. There is big money tonight because of the Champions League match between Bayern Muich & Barcelona.